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  See Uncreation Video to the left which shows the created Wheelie to its Uncreation state!  

Welcome to my art studio. I am very humbled to place my artwork on the Internet for everyone to view. It is my hope that someone will find joy in my work. It is a very personal activity and an expression of my creativity, and I want to share my life’s progression with you.

After a course in life casting, I challenged myself to deal with the torso, and it was a challenge! How does one show emotion, feelings, and thoughts with the torso? The “Heart Armor” series began focusing on male emotions, feelings, and thoughts. The torsos portray African American culture, Native American culture, political/societal expression, and pop culture and death.

Then a decade later, I began a new series of birds. The “bird series” was a struggle of construction. Using the raku process, these fantasy birds were whimsical and colorful.

After a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2012, I am now concentrating on a new series called “Lil’ Saints”. These pious figures, using the slab construction method, are humble and subdued, using the raku process.

The process is always intriguing: creating clay forms, changing and altering the form, painting and glazing, and finally firing them. In the last stage of the cycle of creation, each piece gains acceptance for what it is. Sometimes, that is the most difficult part of the whole process!